• Our aim is to connect people from all around the world regardless of race , nation, or religion
  • We connect better as humans rather than a nation or a race
  • We request you from the heart to avoid talking about nationalities and jobs
  • Respecting and being kind to each other is great, esp that we are all unique on how we think and act
  • We go all together and do everything together to keep the spirit always high, but if you have other plans, you can do it after the tour is over in the evening
  • Postivity is all we need. That’s why we travel to have a break from the fast and stressful environment. Things might not be great all the time, but having a positive attitude makes every situation a nice experience .
  • A person who shares negativity among the team will sadly not join us again, our aim is to create a positive kind, understanding enviroment, and will do all it takes to keep it shining, so help us to shine and add value to those who we encounter in life
  • Travelling with navy will help you connect with many new people
  • Multinational people in every trip
  • Traveling alone might be more flexible but sometimes dangerous
  • You will experience so many amazing new things and surely come out of your comfort zone


  • Our Trips usually are cocktail of everything: Culture, Adventure, Nature, History, etc
  • Our trips are always full of adventure things which means you may need a holiday after this holiday because we make sure you see everything that can be seen in the country
  • We research every trip before organizing it
  • Leader from Dubai will travel with you to make sure everything is smooth
  • A lot of time to organize
  • Trips always includes everything in the package with no hidden or surprising extra charges
  • Affordable and easy to set a yearly budget