Navy to Iceland

Duration :   8 Days 7 Nights
The Price :   14,000.00 AED

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Schedule Details

Day 1: Resting and Free time in Reykjavik
  • After your flight have some rest in your hotel and visit Reykjavik in the afternoon.

  • You can have a walk on the Marina and discover Viking boats sculptures with an amazing view on the Ocean 

  • Visit the emblematic Hallgrimskirkja Church 

  • Discover Icelandic history and culture with The National Museum of Iceland is also known as Thjodminjasafn



  • For our second day we are going to be amazed by one of the biggest waterfalls in the world after Niagara’s one. Then be impressed by a Geysir , a geothermal activty only happening in 2 places in the word. 

  • Geysir Stokkur ( 1h30 min Reykjavik)

  • Gullfoss waterfalls ( 10 mins from Geysir)

Afternoon -Evening Iceland is the land of fire and Ice . This island is situated on the suction between to tectonic plates wihich creat the beautiful Silfra underwater Ravines. 

Let’s dive into it ! The visibility of the water within it exceeds a hundred metres, allowing  you to immerse yourself in a world of magical blue light, and witness incredible geology beneath the surface

Þingvellir National Park ( 1 hour from Gullfoss)

Snorkling in Silfra Ravines or Free hiking on the national park

Day 3 : VIK


Reykjavik 🡪 Seljalandsfoss waterfall : 1h45

On your way to Vik you are going to stop for  one of the most popular waterfall in Iceland . With a drop of 60 meters you can go  behind and enjoy the fresh water on your face. 

Afternoon -Evening  

  • In the afternoon you will enjoy  2-hours of  quad  at the foot of Mýrdalsjökull Glacier. Including the famous DC3 plane wreck.
  • Let’s finish the day with a walk on the Reynisfjara beach.

This beach is one of the island’s iconic volcanic landscapes, where sparkling black sand slips away to the sea and basalt rock formations twist and turn. Perfect  to capture dramatic pictures

Reynisfjara beach 🡪 Vik 

Day 4 : Jokulsarlon


  • Vik 🡪 Fjadrargljufur canyon 
  • Let’s go on hike . The Fjaðrárgljúfur was formed at the end of the Ice Age, around 9,000 years ago. Following the melting of a glacier, a lake was formed in the valley behind an immense hard and resistant rock.. the landscape is breathtaking... 


  • Fjadrargljufur 🡪 Skaftafell national park

Go back to the car and let’s drive for one hour to Skaftafell waterfall.  Made of Colone of basalt it look like a Organ instrument.

  • Skaftafell 🡪 Jokulsarlon lake : 45mins

We end our day in one of the most beautiful place in Iceland : Jokulsaron Lagoon. This lagoon is filled with blocks of ice that come from the immense ice cap of the Vatnajökull glacier. This splendid lake made up of numerous icebergs which look like diamonds. 



  • Skaftafell 🡪 meeting point Ice cave Skaftafell

Today you are about to live a once in a life experience. First you are going to hike on the Europe’s largest glacier. 

Then this amazing hike will allow you to enter to a crystal blue ice cave. ( 4 hours) 


  • Meeting point Ice cave 🡪 Skogafoss : 2h20 
  • Skogafoss 🡪 2h15 

In the Afternoon go back to Reykyavik and stop to Skogafoss. 

Skógafoss, which literally means "forest falls", is formed by the Skóga River, which forms Skógafoss from the top of a cliff more than 60 meters high and 25 meters wide and crashes onto the ground. 

Skógafoss sometimes reveals a beautiful rainbow in front of it.

Skogafoss 🡪 Reykjavik



  • Faxaflói bay : Discover the Icelandic sea wildlife under the excellent guidance of a marine biologist guides. (3 hours)


  • For your last evening in Reykjavik you will relax in one of the famous hot spring ; Blue lagoon. Enjoy he view , hot water and put some clay on your body and  chill.


  • For your last day explore  the lava tunnel of Raufarhólshellir, one of the longest and best-known lava tubes in Iceland. You will explore the source of the cave and  the magnificent Lava Falls. (35 min from Reykyavik)

Afternoon –Evening   

  • Hveradalir Geothermal : In the afternoon let’s do a hike of 1H30 to relax on one of the free hot springs in the Reykjadalur river. You can enjoy a warm bath front of a snowy landscape. 


Day 8 : Back to Dubai

Congratulation ! You are one of those lucky person who discovered Iceland , the most incredible and wild country in the word. Now your lugs are full of fresh and pure air and your brain full of incredible memories and landscapes. This trip is once in a life.  We hope you enjoyed it .

What's Included

  • All enetery fees
  • Breakfast
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Transportation

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