Trust me, it was one

Trust me, it was one of the best trips i have ever been.

I did see what I love (which makes it a good travel)
And i really love what i saw and who i saw them with (which makes it a good journey)

I joined Navy DXB for the Krygzstan trip for six days and it was so amazing. The views were stunning and we were able to capture lots of the spots throughout the trip. Unfornately it wasn’t like the normal travel package where you travelled in a comfortable state, doing shopping and spot-to-spot visits only. Instead the experience was so unique and lifetime-memorable – we lived in a yurt, cooked with the locals and rode on horses under the sunset. These were all thanks to great planning by Abdul and our dearest local guide Navat.

But that’s just one part of it.

What i really treasured was the spirit that Navy DXB held and how Abdul, Navat and other trip mates act upon it. They were all truly loving and caring people. I am glad that Abdul arranged multiple meetings before the trip so that we knew the faces before we went on trips. We also got to team up to cook dishes for everyone. Through the trip, we talked and shared with each other. We experienced together. There were the unexpected but the team would always enjoy the moments. It was full of positive energy.

I couldn’t tell how much i love the trip, and yes i would definitely travel with Navy again. Looking forward to the next one!