I joined Navy DXB for

I joined Navy DXB for the Kyrgyzstan trip. It was honestly one of my best travel experiences to date.

While the place was incredibly beautiful, and rich in nature, it was more than that which made this trip a memorable experience.

The people were the difference. Everyone was so easy-going, friendly and helpful. It was hard to believe that we were pretty much a group of strangers. It really felt like we had known each for ages!

The planned activities kept us engaged and eagerly awaiting each next activity. Spirits remained high throughout the trip with loads of singing, dancing and laughing (lots of laughing)!

Whether we were at the airport, on the bus, hiking through the mountains, or out to dinner, every moment was a memorable one.

If you’re looking to explore new places, while having the adventure of a lifetime with amazing people, then Navy DXB is a must!