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Average Rating: 4.9 stars (based on 53 ratings)

Amazing amazing amazing! Had the best time of my life with Navy and planning to go on more trips. Trip was well organized. Everything was just PERFECT 😍 energy, people and vibes!


10 stars the best travel community ever I traveled to Bali and came back with 30 brother and sister
Amazing vibes we were doing 3 activities per day you will feel that this is a charity travel group as it is impossible to get profit with such
Level and generousity Abdul the
Leader and owner is the best person in the world he will die for a smile or to make you feel happy
Thanks Abdul and navy for making world a better place

Ahmed wahdan

I travel 2x with navy already,just arrived from Bali. Could not advise them more,starting from the price of the trips, organisation and itinerary 😊
Full of memories and new friends it is what you will bring with you from their trips 🫶

Mariana Lemos



One of the best trips i have ever been to! Positive vibes, lovely energy and wonderful people!!

Haya Omar

I am very happy to have met you.very friendly and committed.

Behnaz Samadzadeh

I would rate more than 5 stars! I was accompanied for a trip to Georgia and I would say this was the best trip so far!
The most important thing is that this not just a trip of destination as my man Abdul says it about the travel, people and taking care of things and beings concerned about others
I would like to thank everybody working on Navy’s Success and It’s an very exciting initiative!
Good luck to the team and my fellow travel mates

Thank you!

Abdul Rehman

Navy’s energy is contagious. It kept me super pumped from a bootcamp at sea-level to the roof of Africa at the altitude of 5895m-Kilimanjaro. The community ensures warmth and comfort to push yourself to the absolute limit. ‘We lose everything but not our spirit.’

Sufiyan Munir

I attended their session on Tuesday and Love it, Coach Abdul and Mohannad are Awesome. The energy from start to finish is so crazy and competitive. Always returning happy and waiting for the session again. Parking is easily available at Sunset mall and then a 2min walk. All levels are welcome and they are warm to everyone. From my very first session I feel part of the family. Love Navy DXB


Amazing people
Great vibes
Positive energy
I love what i seeeeeee

Asma Omar

I have travelled to 4 countries in one year with NAVY DXB! This is how much I love them ❤️They community is uplifting, motivating and most importantly inspires me to do more 😊It’s affordable and well planned so there is no worry when traveling. Abdul makes sure every person is comfortable here. They don’t do the cliche stuff which is really cool.

Divya Premchand

The Most Friendliest Active Group in Town of DXB and entire UAE.

Thank you NAVY Team!

Jhe Hidalgo

I traveled with NEVY-DXB to Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 two months ago and it was an amazing experience to never forget.
When I met my travel mates at the airport we’re strangers to some of us but later we bonded into one big amazing family regardless of our different nationalities and culture 🤗
The trip was well organized, very cheap and affordable, good food , nice accommodation and we covered all the events we had on our itinerary. Our team leader Mr. Osman has a big heart ☺️ he is an incredible guy, very kind and he was so patient with all of us throughout the trip.
Our tour guide from Azerbrijain Mr. Dilgam was the main man well experience, informed and had all the information about his country at hand.
I can’t wait to travel again with NEVY-DXB on my next vacation.

Alex Niwarinda

Very well positivity energy always being active, joyful, mental peace, fun, etc.😊

Nandan Mehta

Love the vibe, …it’s always great being with Navy always
Thank you guys for all the positive energy

I am loving what I see and feel 🥰😍❤️

Hameeda Noor

Amazing and friendly people with positive vibes
highly recommended

Feras Alturk

I found Navy through a reading event. It led to Bootcamp sessions on the beach, led to a trip to Azerbaijan and that led to me climbing the Kilimanjaro. I love the energy Navy has. The people. The spirit. I love what I see. I see what I love. <3

Anusha Agarwal

It was the best experience ever in Dubai I had. Thank you Navydxb for the amazing experience awaiting for next trip on Sundays 😍

Humera Aziz

Amazing pplz. +⚡⚡💥💥pplz

Francis KV

Amazing you are


I see what I love.. I love what I see..
Outstanding group.. fantastic spirit.. incredible happiness.. amazing family.. thank you for adding a great difference to this world..❤❤

Saeed Shooman

Friendly team, very positive & supportive environment, many fun filled activities. They deserve all the respect and support for their efforts to get everyone involved in sport and fun. I think they’ve gone way beyond than just being a sports community . I ❤️wt 👀

Matoo kai

It’s amazing team .☺️




Navy DXB makes sure to achieve what we love to see ❤️ Thanking them is just injustice to then for how much they are doing for us 🙏 you guys are amazing and keep good work goin.



Navydxb is the best community which were you can find and connect with agroup of real unknown human beings who all are only looking for the betterment of human wellbeing here in UAE. To be in this community is like connecting people with love and humanity. The beauty of this community is you don’t want to be anyone to be someone here, here everyone & everything is free like nature. Only humanity is needed

Spread love !
We love what we see, we see what we love.

Aashique Ali

We just love what we see
I can’t thank u enough navy group keep it up


NAVY DXB is a wonderful community with amazing leaders and people really recommend to everyone ❤️


Amazing group, full of positivity , good very thankful to join on this group( navy dubai). Hoping more adventures with the group. Thank you navy dxb

Eden jesura

The team i always want to hang out with and celebrate each moments.


Feeling lonely away from family? feeling low energy? whatever you are feeling, join the navy family and everything not only goes positive but also energetic, charming and so important connecting.
bless you team!!


Amazing group, amazing energy!

Hiba Shaar

It’s always amazing vibe with Navy dxb! Always fun thrilling adventure! Everyone is so supportive and helpful, you will have fun even if you are the most introvert person in the group!
Thank you 😊

Abhishek kumar

In this busy world…Navy DXB is the connection point for healthy life and beautiful friends…love the positive vibe and fun surroundings…Trust me nobody regrets once they are part of the team coz u get fun, joy, friends and motivated to be fit and healthy…blessed to be part of amazing team…I love what i see…I see what i love❤️

Kamana Lama

Amazing Amazing and Amazing. Can’t describe it in words. If you want to have fun in life and you are missing the spark then this is the place to be. Awesome people awesome environment. Mr. Abdul and his Team is the best.

Love you Abdul for all the work you are doing to make this society a better place


Amazing group with a positive energy that you can feel once you see all the members,, the best group to make new friends and see the beauty of nature

zeyad salem

Simply, great group of motivated and enthusiastic beautiful people. Love to walk along their side!

Beshara Sholy

Best group ever, source joy and fun.


Navy land is the most inspiring community . Navy land connect people and spread love .Navy land teach you that how to enjoy your life.


I love the concept of Navy, the spirit, the people’s enthusiasm when they gather, the target that everyone looks at which is being a family, everything!

Majd Sabbagh

The is no match to the energy of Navy Land, Its not only about places, fitness and entertainment but its more about the people, who gather and spread Love and Happiness. The one person leading the group is more courageous, Loving and the most energetic Abdul.

Kiran Ahuja

The one and only amazing group, who’s gives us the chance to know new people and new cultures..
Respect each other , sharing new adventures and public events
Thanks Navy 😊

Noura Mohammed

It has been more than 4 years now, i am grateful for the support and for the family love I feel everyday, for Abdul the kindest person I have ever known, who never gave up on me even when I wanted to quit many times.

I am forever thankful 🥲

Amira Ali

Amazing team and family spirit. The only group who made me come back to the gym after 2 babies

Leila vanpoucke

I’ve experienced Free Boot Camp, Free Hiking, Nave seals group, travelled to Tanzania and Nepal and I cannot even explain how lit and energized the Navy group is across the board. Everyone’s so genuine with beautiful souls, guaranteed support physically and mentally. If you’re looking for amazing lifetime experiences in Dubai then Navy Dxb is the place for you🔥🔥 Shoutout to Abdul the most energetic and kind hearted leader I know, and the beautiful souls behind the group’s success!! I ❤️ what I 👀, I 👀 what I love!

Meedora William

Loved the spirit, arrangements, and responsibility

Leo Ray

I’ve been part of so many groups in UAE but didn’t feel the family love, support and unity like the way I felt when I joined Navy dxb. If you are looking for a place to call home, then you’re in the right place because Navy will make you discover your real potentials, help you conquer your fears of interacting with new people and most of all make you fall in love with your real self… Wakanda for Navy ❤️


The best community in Dubai ♥️

Riham Hicham

One of the top and excellent fitness club in UAE with lot of passion, enthusiasm and love. And it connects people from all over the world 🌎 Thank you…Keep moving…Mile to go, millions are waiting navydxb!


The moment I joined Navy DXB and all i could sense is humanity, humbleness, positivity, energy, loyalty, commitment and equality. whether you are a beginner or professional, you get the best support and you will definitely get put the monster out of you. keep it up guys and will see you going more viral inshallah

Ziad Biggie

Navy DXB is one of the best group of fitness enthusiastic in Dubai. When ever we joined first as strangers but before we leave from training all of us became clause friends. Our trainer will scare us about Military Training etc. But he is very friendly and down to earth. All fitness levels can join with Navy DXB and Defnitely will enjoy the trainings, Boot camps and Hykes etc. All the participants become one family.

Abdul Jalal

I think it must have been a one time thing but surely we’ll remember by many members. I was insulted by an entire group of gang up on the stranger , a few lovely people did send me an apology in private. Knowing it was more of a follow the sheep group i didnt bother ever attending any events. But maybe in the near future lets see….


I have a fantastic time with the Navy in Azerbaijan and Georgia. A once in a life time experience.

Faizan Saeed