• Periodized programmed into cycles highlighting different fitness components and skills for you to know what works for you better and make you Move more efficiently.
  • Limited number per Team to offer you better quality
  • Timing will depend on what suits you best
  • 3 mandatory sessions per week
  • Monthly Team building activities and gathering
  • Friendly and fun competitions to keep you on track
  • Weekly workshops to help you learn skills and improve your techniques

The members have the options to pay for daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and for yearly basis.

MembershipCostAmount Saved
Daily classAED 80.00
1 monthAED 450.00
3 monthsAED 1,275.00AED 75.00
6 monthsAED 2,400.00AED 300.00
12 monthsAED 4,200.00AED 1,200.00
3 months AED 900.00
6 months AED 1,400.00
1 year AED 2,000.00


  • Provide customized program, workout and training content that you can access through MetaBuddy app.
  • Ideal for those who wants to workout at their own schedule and at their own place.
  • 1 monthly zoom session to monitor the progress
  • E-book to learn and Nutrition guidelines

meta buddy


Create your own personalised training plan based on the goals you want to achieve and monitor your progress on your smart phone.

No of SessionCost/session
12 sessions AED 250.00
24 sessions AED 200.00
36 sessions AED 150.00
48 sessions AED 125.00