Welcome to the first fitness and social hub in the Middle East, truly the first of its kind.


What we do:

  • Our gym is a first of its kind and a unique concept
  • Three sections (1 Body building and 2 semi-private classes)
  • Semi-private classes of 8-12 members
  • Two free T-shirts
  • Periodized programme into cycles highlighting different fitness components
  • E-book with theoretical and physical exams
  • Body measurements each cycle


Navy Seals Hub is beyond your casual bodybuilding gym, it is a whole new concept that will satisfy you to utmost levels in fitness and social life. Believe me! Wait for it! Keep reading…


The ground floor will — yes we have an upper floor too — be divided into three sections. One section for bodybuilding along with a huge mirror to flex your muscles that you will grow in the gym.


Two more sections for semi-private classes of 8-12 amazing members energetically pumping their bodies striving to be better in all the components of fitness. You’ll soon find out that your group class is your team that will motivate you and help you stay on track. Wait! You even get two free t-shirts as your uniform once you sign up.


I know! Interesting, right? Let’s give you a sneak peek into our programme. We periodized it into cycles, where we tap into and highlight different fitness components each cycle. That’s not it, we have also created our own E-books to nourish your fitness knowledge from anatomy to nutrition so you can stay living healthy and fit for many years to come and most importantly be able to help others as well. It will be provided to you every 3 months along with an exam. We do hold physical tests every level to help you assess your progress. In addition, the measurements waken at the beginning of each cycle will help you track the progress.

Our secret lies in our upper floor, where you will enjoy an array of fun features keeping our community engaged.


Our culture and what you will find:

  • Social hub with fun features
  • Majlis ground seating for mingling and social gatherings
  • Shared community library
  • Coffee shop with specialty coffee and healthy menu
  • Table tennis and billiard
  • Board games, a whole bunch of them
  • Movies
  • Opportunity to showcase your own products and services for free
  • Diverse social activities and events you would love to be part of


Our social hub is one of a kind, we have 6500 ft² of gym space, and we are happy to provide almost half of it for our diverse community. So, what’s in it? Four areas of majlis seating for mingling, shared community library, coffee shop, table tennis, Jenga, billiard, monopoly, chess, cards, movies, and enough area to hold team activities and social events for over 100 people. Please wait, we haven’t mentioned yet that we support talented individuals who are eager to start, promote, or sell their products and services within our community. We support you all the way and you will be provided with the space for it, and the revenue is 100% yours. This place will be your second home, and potentially addictive, you might not want to go home, I swear. Oh! Let’s go back to the coffee shop, we’d like to highlight that we will be serving specialty coffee as opposed to commercial ones. Anticipate a variety of food items, and a healthy menu that would be changing every once in a while.

Periodized training programme with different blocks that focuses in different fitness components


What we offer:

  • A second family if not first
  • Sign up for 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year
  • Policies that favor our members
  • No extra charges beyond what you used in case of cancellation
  • Lost your job? We got you covered for 3 months in our bodybuilding area
  • Limited number in order for us to offer you quality



Our current plans are for 3 months. 6 months, and 1 year. Let me tell you something you won’t find anywhere! If in any case you cancel and you haven’t started training, you get your money back. If you start training and wish to cancel, we will only deduct what you used and the rest is yours. Amazing, right?


Even if you have lost your job, we have you covered with 3 months free of charge membership for you to use our bodybuilding area.
We definitely recommend you to sign up earlier as our membership process is not an open one, our preference goes to limiting the number in order for us to provide you with quality and care, and the ability to make sure you progress.