My fitness journey started after the birth of my first son.
I started training alone at home, and joined a gym for a short time.

I found it difficult to motivate myself to go to the gym and I didn’t particularly like the crowd or environment.

In 2021 I met Navy and joined their overseas trip to Georgia.
It was a life changing experience for me and I discovered a love for the outdoors

and fitness in general.

When we returned from Georgia I continued my journey with Navy attending hikes in the UAE and their free bootcamps in Dubai. Being more active made me feel healthier and better about myself. Wanting something more structured and

disciplined I joined the

Navy Seals, which can be intense but delivers noticeable results.
This month, April 2023 I complete my one-year anniversary with the Navy Seals,

and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made