6 years back, I started facing health issues like hypertension, high level cholesterol, high levels of liver enzymes and lately was diagnosed as PRE- DIABETIC.

At the age of 44 I had decided to have an extreme makeover where I had started my fitness journey.
I joined the training courses by first week of January, 2023 and at the beginning I felt so tired and I was looking for excuses not to attend the training sessions but my special life partner kept motivating me and dragged me to attend the training sessions

This is beside the motivation and positive energy found in Navy DXB.
Since than, my day-to-day life has changed with improvements in my mental health, I had better sleep quality , I stopped snoring
😴 and feeling fresh all the time 😊
Today and since I joined the courses and in addition to previous improvements, I had achieved most of my goals and welling to achieve more and more, in 3 months time:

– I had lost 12kg of weight – I gained a new smart look

– I am now diabetic free – Cholesterol free

– Better liver functions and stable enzymes
And one of the most amazing results, my blood pressure (hypertension) was

improved, reduced the medication dose and will quit the medication soon 😊 Discipline and commitment were essential for a better life.
Navy DXB is a wonderful world that encourages to keep going .
It’s all about believing in yourself and abilities “Thoughts become things so be careful of what you think” and “Today is a Good Day”
“I Love what I see, I see what I Love”