Corporate Team Building Activities

At Navy DXB we are driven by a single goal, to do our part in the world and make a better place for all. Why not adapt this for your team and colleagues outside the workplace by stepping out of the office and into your chosen destination.

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Corporate Team Building

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Corporate Team Building

INDOOR Activities

For the companies that wants to have fun at their own premises.
Activities adapted and fully customised to the team and their premises requirements.

Take the advantage of the great impact that training and a healthy lifestyle has in your employees performance in the funniest way.
You choose the frequency, one-time, once a week, once a month.. reach us to share your thoughts and to know more.
Gym workouts, Yoga, Volleyball, Cricket, Football..

Take a little break from the ordinary, when everyone can gather together by stepping out of your day to day environment.
You are opening your team to new experiences, new connections, and and stronger bond between the team members!

Outdoor Activities

Take the advantage of the amazing weather in Dubai.
The team will participate in a full day activity at the beach.

Where the real adventure happens! Enhance the teamwork, leadership skills, collaboration and decision making along the members of your team.
A full program with activities to make them feel engaged with each other and the company ethics and values.

Two days of fun activities away from the city, where everyone will have fun and enjoy like a kid. The will express themselves organically and communicate without overthinking.
They will rekindle a spark of joy for both life and work.


Want to make your team step out of their comfort zone?

Whether you are keen to practise your motivational skills as you push yourself and others to cross jaw dropping hiking trails, are eager to gather your employees or clients for a city exploration, or want to organise an incentive to summit your dream peak. All of our trips can be tailored to suit any type of corporate traveller.

Don’t know where to go leave that up to us. One thing is for sure we will make sure your team has a trip that will be stamped in the memory book for years to come.

Going on a team building adventure can help positively impact the morale, attitude, and performance of your staff. Adventure offers an excellent opportunity for your work colleagues to bond as a team or simply as a reward for all the hard work your staff do each day.

Get started by contacting us and letting us know your requirements

We create memories from Middle East to Africa, Asia, Europe to South America, Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall we have a place for you

Basic Inclusions:

    • Plane Ticket
    • Airport / Boat / Bus Transport
    • Hotel accommodation
    • Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner
    • Entrance fees
    • Private Tour Guide
    • Activities not limited to depending on the destination and season:
      • City / Cultural or Nature Tour (Museums, Churches, Temples, Brewery, Plantation, Lakes, Falls, Rivers, Mountains, etc.
    • Air
      • Paragliding / Parasailing
      • Zipline
      • Cable car ride
      • Helicopter ride
      • Hot Air Balloon ride
    • Water
      • Rafting
      • Paddle boarding / Kayaking
      • Dolphin/Whale watching
      • Cruise / Boat / Yacht ride
      • Snorkeling / Fishing
    • Land
      • Hiking
      • Safari
      • Horseback riding
      • Snowmobile / ATV ride
      • Toboggan ride (roller coaster)
      • Visit Indigenous ethnic group


GROUP SIZE: 10-80 participants

DURATION: 4-6 hours

Corporate Team Building
  • For the corporate who wants to have fun at their own premises.
  • We can customize the activities based on their premises and requirements.
  • Example: Built something for a cause (especially during Ramadan and Christmas seasons). Skills this work activity develops teamwork, trust and communication. Also the activity allows every member to see the results of their teamwork. They don’t have to wonder if they contributed enough or did a good job; the end product will tell all


Corporate Team Building


  • Meet & Greet
  • Activities: Facilitated Team Building activities (3-4 activities per person)
  • Climatized Meeting Room.
  • Unlimited water
  • Aventura Prize
  • Adventure Park Access (Complementary & Optional)

Physical Activity Meter:

Corporate Team Building

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We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us🙂

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