– Arrive on time,
– Respect organizers decisions,
– Return bibs and football at the end of each session,
– Kindness with all players,
– Fun level, no shoot from too far, no hard tackles, no hard words with others,
– English is the only language spoken,
– Teams are randomly mixed upon arrival of the players (no team preparation in advance),
– You can register only yourself,
– No show without prior cancellation (minimum 4 hours in advance) will lead to not be able to participate to next session,
– Minimum age: 14 years old,
– Follow Navy DXB basic rules,
– Penalties allowed if fault has been made in the surface area only
– others fault played from the side pitch,
– 15min games,
– 6 players per team, + 1 sub as soon as we are more than 24 players.
– Sub replace any player after 7min 30s
– Equal game lead to 3 penalty shots for each time to determine the winner,
– 2 games max per team in a row, even if both are won



Max capacity: 24
Waiting list: 6
Location: Al safa park 2

Every Thursday

7-9 PM

Booking will be open on Wednesday.
Booking will be open on Wednesday.

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Waiting List

Booking will be open on Next Wednesday.
Booking will be open on Wednesday.