AT NAVY DXB, we are driven by a single goal, to do our part in making the world a better place for all.

Our vision is to build a positive community that helps participants improve their fitness and health, meet new people, and explore the variety of other cultures.

Our aim is to inspire our members to adopt fitness and wellness in their lives and to unite those in our ever-growing community of members seeking to share this journey & lifestyle of wellbeing. We support our Community members achieve their true potential!
‘To those who have realized that health is the real wealth.’


The founder of Navy DXB – Abdul Rahman discusses his reason and motivations for creating the powerful NAVY DXB Community.

‘I lost my dad from cancer, seeing one of the most important people in your life dying in front of your eyes without being able to help is devastating. Watching him crying from pain gives you nothing but pain. After 2 years of suffering he passed way. The feeling of sadness was hard to overcome, but nothing helped more than the magical pill of exercise.

Not only did it help me to deal with the grief better but also made me happier and more enthusiastic about the future and what I wanted to achieve to make a difference! The NAVY DXB journey started in 2016. I had decided to start training people on the on the beach for free with the belief that exercise is not only good for the physical shape but also to relieve mental and emotional challenges.
Today, we are not only a bootcamp but supporting people across the UAE to come together through the passion of wellness, fitness, and health. We unite members together as ONE family irrespective of differences in background, race or religion.’ Our Motto will remain to share positivity love and compassion for one another and the community around us.

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